The Latest Traffic Shifts part 1 – SEO

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The Latest Traffic Shifts part 1 – SEO One of the challenging things about internet marketing is staying ahead of the traffic curve. The world of the internet is in constant change as is the browsing and usage habits of users. When it comes to acquiring traffic and turning visitors into buyers, what worked just […]

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5 Traits of Successful Marketers

A while back I did an evaluation of what really successful marketers do that makes them so successful. And I came up with five key observations… 1. Branded – they’ve made a point to let others know who they are and even what they look like. 2. Niched – they have focused on one category […]

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Opportunity or Income SOURCE?

There’s no question there are many more ‘misses’ than hits when it comes to marketing. They key I think is to find enough ‘hits’ to make a decent living. Sure there are plenty of ways to make money online but it is no small task to figure out how to make those ways actually pay. […]

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