Real Truth About Exchanged Traffic

Today I am starting a new series of posts to share with you how to get the most out free and low cost traffic, particularly exchanged traffic. I will be covering some of my techniques for using Safelists/Mailers, Traffic Exchanges, Banner Exchanges and the like.

Some consider this type of advertising ‘junk traffic’ but I’ve found that to be totally untrue. People who believe that either don’t know how to properly attain and use such traffic or they are just plain traffic snobs who insist the only way to build a business is by spending a fair chunk of cash.

Some claim exchanged traffic is untargeted traffic. That is also not true. There is a particular demographic of people that frequent the exchanges so the key of course, is to offer them the types of products and services they would most likely respond to. That is what targeting is all about, matching up prospects with products. The better the match, the better the results. After all, you wouldn’t try to sell truck parts at a produce market would you?

Finally, some argue that nobody at the exchanges will be interested in your ads because they are only there to collect credits for their own promotions. When you think about it that is actually kind of a silly argument. Of course if you are marketing the same thing as the viewer is they won’t respond to your adverts but there are always people on the exchanges who are seeking things that will help them market their more effectively, save time, make more money. So if you are presenting them with those types of things, and you do it properly, you WILL get results.

The fact is most people waste a lot of money buying ‘targeted’ traffic only to give up on their business when they end up constantly spending more than than their ads earn them. Another fact is many, MANY people who are starting out trying to build a business online don’t have a lot of budget to advertise in the first place. In some countries the price of one solo ad or PPC campaign costs as much as a month’s groceries for a family. Others are working full time jobs but desperately need to supplement their household income. Some are living on fixed incomes like disability or social security, some have been laid off from their jobs, some are eager to quit a job they hate and need to replace the income. The stories go on and on.

I mean, if you have the money to burn and you can afford to survive the learning curve then by all means buy advertising. But for those can’t afford the paid stuff, exchanged traffic can be a great way to go. And of course there are some of us that just plain prefer it.

How about you?

Be sure to follow my upcoming posts to find out more.



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John Sam October 7th, 2015

Way to go Ernie. Keep those posts comin in

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