My take on mailers and traffic exchanges

For almost all my programs mailers and safelists have been my best performing free advertising sources. Traffic exchanges work for me too but the key is to always keep using new and fresh pages. The reason TEs don’t work very well for most people is they use the same splash or squeeze pages as everyone else. They aren’t fresh or unique and don’t offer anything that everyone else hasn’t already offered. Surfers get bored quickly and really see no reason to click your page over someone else’s offering the same thing.

I think TE advertisers can stay way ahead of the game by creating (or buying) their own unique, but professional looking splash/squeeze pages. I think it also helps to sometimes offer some kind of a bonus for people to join a known program through you instead of someone else. It’s all about standing out from the others and adding value to our offers.

For doing this I like Splash Wizard or Instant Splash by Carl Sorensen. I can create splash and squeeze pages fast and easily make changes whenever I need to. For best results I rotate in new pages and give the older ones some rest. That way viewers don’t get the “seen that already” feeling when they see my pages.

When it comes to those splash and squeeze pages. I want to use a system or software that can quickly and easily make top quality pages I can customize or update on the fly. Video squeezes are nice but they can have slow load times or run choppy so I don’t like using them for fast-timer TEs, but are fine for those TEs that run their timers for 15-20 seconds.

Just some of my thoughts.

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