Opportunity or Income SOURCE?

There’s no question there are many more ‘misses’ than hits when it comes to marketing. They key I think is to find enough ‘hits’ to make a decent living. Sure there are plenty of ways to make money online but it is no small task to figure out how to make those ways actually pay. An income ‘opportunity’ and and income SOURCE are usually two entirely different things.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

1. Before you join anything new know in advance exactly how and where you are going to promote it and who you are going to promote it to. Not all traffic methods are good for all things because the audiences at each traffic point are entirely different.

I used to be like so many other folks online and join stuff because it looked lucrative. But when it came to promoting it I would flop miserably because I wasn’t promoting it in the right places to the right people. For instance, biz opps typically don’t do well on traffic exchanges, but new traffic exchange launches and traffic methods can. Traffic and marketing products (like I promote) often get terrible results when promoted on Facebook or Twitter. Personal products (weight loss, supplements, etc.) usually stink at safelists and mailers, as well as traffic exchanges and such but a well placed solo ad at a health oriented list would probably do pretty well.

So now I start with WHERE I love to promote and then determine which products/services to promote that would appeal most to the people who frequent those places. Or if I see a new product I ask myself whether or not it would be a good fit for my advertising places of choice. As you know, I love using safelists/mailers, text ad exchanges and traffic exchanges so I look for products and services that match up with those. For me that means marketing tools, traffic sources and services, traffic courses and the like.

2. Original material always sells best. No matter how many pre-built pages or pre-wirtten ads a company provides you with your own material will do better. Replicated stuff always hits a saturation point quickly online. So one of the absolute most effective things we can do is to make our own pages, write our own copy, create our own banners. Very often people will click on something they’ve never seen before just to find out what it is all about. Curiosity can turn to commitment if you follow up with a great page after the splash. You don’t even have to have a flashy landing page, just something simple will work. But it should not look cheap and amateurish. Lately I’ve been using Splash Wizard as a landing page maker to lead people to a product/company main site but sometimes I will send my Splash Wizard page click throughs to a review/overview page instead. That puts two original pages in the funnel before the person actually goes to the main site.

3. Don’t be afraid to test before going ‘all in”. I test stuff all the time and have often been surprised. Some stuff I never thought would do that well using my chosen methods did very well. Other stuff I thought would be a perfect fit tanked. So now I test just about everything for a month or two. I run a couple of heavy campaigns to see how well it converts using my methods. If it does okay I extend the test another month or two. Along the way I try to contact those I’ve sold to/signed up and encourage them to join my ‘bonus’ list. Then no matter whether they quit (or I do) I still have an email relationship with them to build upon.

4. List building giveaways aren’t all that effective anymore. Everybody is doing them nowadays. It’s a whole lot harder to get someone to type their email into a form than it used to be. That’s why most list building courses out there are worthless. The ‘gurus’ are still telling people to give something away in exchange for opting into your list. Generally that’s a good waste of credits and advertising bucks. I will be writing more on this topic and tell you what really works so stay tuned.

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