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Free Traffic Methods 2 – Traffic Exchange Secrets

Probably one of the most known methods of free advertising is the traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is where you receive views of your web page in exchange for viewing the web pages of others. When you log into the traffic exchange and click your link to surf your viewing session will open up in a frame with a timer. You will be require to view each website for a set period of time, usually 6-20 seconds, in order to receive credit for that view. You can then assign the credits you earn to your own websites to receive views. Each traffic exchange also has paid membership levels available that provide you with a set number of credits each month on a subscription basis. Exchanges also will sell view packages separately so you can purchase credits rather than having to surf for them.

There are two kinds of traffic exchanges, manual and autosurf. Some traffic exchanges offer both options. NEVER use autosurf as viewers are not required to actually view pages in order to receive credits. They can start the autosurf feature, minimize the page and never see a single site. Needless to say such traffic is worthless and really offers no value to you whatsoever.

While traffic exchanges are considered by some to be ‘junk’ advertising, I have had reasonable success with them. The key is to not use a sales page or replicated website directly. Don’t try to go for a sale in a timed view, instead strive to build your list instead. Create your own eye-catching capture pages (also called squeeze pages) linked to an autoresponder. Capture pages should be simple for ad exchanges. Use a powerful headline, minimal body text and an attractive image of some sort.

Another option is ‘splash pages’. These are simple attention-getting, image-driven pages that work as gateways to the primary sales or capture page. Such pages can be very effective at traffic exchanges, particularly if yours is creative, unique and raises curiosity in the viewer to want to know more about your offer. A couple of my favorite tools for making splash (and squeeze/capture) pages rapidly are Splash Page Wizard and Instant Splash because they are quick and super simple to use.

Here are my links to them:

Whether you use a splash page or a capture page it never hurts to offer something free on your page. In fact, as a rule of thumb it is almost always best to offer a freebie at any free advertising source, whether it be a traffic exchange, safelist/mailer, text ad exchange, etc. The word ‘Free’ on a splash or squeeze page instantly draws attention and raises curiosity so don’t be afraid to use it. Also, the better quality gift you have the better response you will likely get so offer something worthwhile. Use a giveaway item that is topically related to the business or product you wish to ultimately sell. The closer to your product topic the better. This will help you get better qualified contacts and ultimately increase responsiveness to your autoresponder mailings.

Keep in mind surfers at traffic exchanges will only view your page for a few seconds so make sure those seconds count. Also understand that most traffic exchange surfers are not viewing your site for any other reason than to earn credits for theirs. However you can pretty safely assume that all of them are interested in advertising tools, ways to build their website traffic and ways to increase their income. So those are the types of products and services you will want to offer them.

Be aware that most traffic exchanges also have sections for banner and text ads so don’t miss the opportunity to make use of them. Also, if you plan to upgrade or promote the traffic exchange be sure to check the downline builder section of the traffic exchange. There you can list your affiliate links for the other traffic exchanges and traffic programs they have listed. It’s a great way to earn some nice occasional extra cash and perhaps cover the cost of your upgrade subscription and/or additional advertising.

Finally, many traffic exchanges will give you some bonus credits just for signing up. You may have to surf 25-100 pages to get them but they are definitely worth it. Be sure to watch for emails from each exchange as they typically will contain a promo code for bonus advertising or announcements for credit or upgrade sales.

Here’s one of the ‘secret weapons’ I use for free traffic exchange credits. It’s called Traffic Codex and it lists hundreds of promo codes for free credits at traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers and more. Sign up for free and add your affiliate IDs and it will also act as a downline builder when you refer others to it. Here’s my link:

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